My Top 5 Tips to Playing by Ear

Playing by ear is a completely learnable skill. Click the link below to download my “Top 5 Tips to Playing By Ear. It’s one of the bonus chapters from my book “Supercharge Your Piano Practice.”

12 Bonus Chapter Playing By Ear PDF

2 Replies to “My Top 5 Tips to Playing by Ear”

  1. HI Zach tank to no you, you did give what as was looking for, l no everything is now going forward, that drive you have and that positive mentality and motivation, help me l will do my best l did take you course for life will tock again now most practice pieces out Jacques

  2. Thank u soooo much zach…i am 59 years old and have not practiced like i should for 30 years. I own a clavinova and just started you course 2 weeks ago…my playing has improved 2000%!! I am soaking up this course like a sponge and love your instructions…they are simple and easy to follow…i am starting to use the metronome the last few days…its difficult but am getting the hang of it…any tips on how to progress with it would be appreciated…
    Thanx again…chris

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