Supercharge Your Piano Practice – Free Chapter Download and Video!

Hey! Here is your 100% free chapter from “Supercharge Your Piano Practice.” Its all about the 6 step goal setting process I use to learn songs faster and more efficiently. I included the video lesson as well. Each chapter in the book includes a video lesson to go along with it; some people are visual learners and a video works better than reading a book.

Click this link for the download: 03 Planning and Goal Setting Free

And Here’s the video lesson!

Another Bonus Video: How to Practice Fast Arpeggio Patterns

Wanted to give you guys another free video from the book. If you’ve ever tried to learn those fast arpeggio passages, they can be pretty tricky. But it doesn’t have to be. If you use these practice strategies you can learn them easily, one step at a time!

If you want more of this stuff, you can get the book here: 

And if you have any questions about the book at all, shoot me an email! [email protected]


14 Replies to “Supercharge Your Piano Practice – Free Chapter Download and Video!”

  1. Hi zach evans, im martin from the philippines…
    Im an avid fan of yours…i super mega idolize you..your techniques and everything on playingnthe piano..
    I really want to have this kind of book to help me improve my talent/ skill on how to play the piano.
    I dont have any formal music education since my parent cant afford to send me such…
    This really a great help..
    Thank you for inspiring me ..

    Thank you

  2. Hi I am just trying to see if I can keep up with your your input. I am 90 and just playing for the fun of it . No serious aspirations at this time. i don’ t know where lead to. Peter

  3. Dear Zach Evans.
    I study to play piano and I’m interested in your teaching method.
    How can I buy your book?

  4. Hi Zach. Have come across your piano lessons on u tube. Really enjoying them, and learning from them.I am Male and I am 67 yrs old. I say I am around grade 2.
    I am from Manchester England
    Do you do the lessons in book form, (not kindle).I have looked on Amazon and I think they only do your book in kindle.
    Yours Faithfully

  5. hey just want to let you know i ordered you book from amazon, do you have any videos that goes with that book that i can use while following along…id appreciate it…or if you could point me to some videos of yours that i could download…thank you ahead.

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