Supercharge Your Piano Practice Chapter 3

Hey! Here is the free chapter on the 6 Step Goal Setting Process I was telling you about, click the link below to download it:

03 Planning and Goal Setting Free Download

Video Lesson:

And if you’re more of a visual learner, here’s the video lesson that goes along with the chapter!

If this helps you practice more efficiently, I would highly suggest you check out my ebook, “Supercharge Your Piano Practice,” you can find that here:

-Zach Evans

2 Replies to “Supercharge Your Piano Practice Chapter 3”

  1. I have to make a comment as your lessons and tips are tops. They are really helping my keyboard playing. I have and will continue to pass the word around as I now have purchased 2 of your programs. Love them….

  2. i found very helpful with your left hand rhythm pattern. but i need a help from u. i want to play keyboard solos but i stuck in a problem. actually in some Janne Warman videos i shaw that he is playing with his 1st to 3rd fingers while his 4th and 5th finger plays different pattern. any tutorial if u upload is really help full for me . thanks in advance and sorry for my bad English

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