How to Develop Rock-Solid Piano Technique

How to Develop Rock-Solid Piano Technique

Hey it’s Zach again…

Wanted to tell you a story about my friend Donnie. It doesn’t seem like it relates to piano but actually…

It does. Just not in the way you’d think it would…

Donnie is… let’s just say…


As in muscle huge. Six pack. Biceps. He looks like a friggin’ G I Joe action figure.

If I didn’t know him better I’d say he was taking steroids.

I always just assumed he was naturally muscular – must be in the genes.

Then I saw his parents…

Mom was 5’2 and Dad was skinny as a whip  (He looked like one of those skater dudes).

That’s… surprising…

Well I figured if he could do it… so could I!

I HAD to know his workout plan. I wasn’t really friends with him at that point, but I didn’t care. I went up to him in the gym and asked him what was his secret. He smiled and pulled out a binder.

Then… woah. I was a deer in headlights.

This thing changed my life.

It was the most detailed workout plan I’d ever seen. There were tables and lines and arrows everywhere. Stuff was color coded. It was like he had formulas for getting hella-ripped! And most importantly (I didn’t figure this out ’till later)…

It was broken down to the minute.

Donnie knew every minute of his workout.

When he was resting he took out a stopwatch. 3 minutes between sets. Turns out 3 minutes is the optimal amount of rest to stimulate strength gains.

I hounded him for weeks. And finally he let me workout with him.

And the results were incredible. I went from “that skinny kid” to “that piano player with GUNS” in a few short months. And then like all piano nerds, I started thinking…..

Piano Technique Training 101

What if I used this same concept in piano?

What if I created a technique “training plan” with planned exercises down to the minute. With exercises specifically designed to increase finger strength, speed, dexterity.

So I did. I spent a couple months of researching. Testing. Analyzing the results. (I was a real nerd about it :-P).

And I came up with a beginner’s training plan for optimum technique development.

4 exercises to be done EVERY DAY before you practice. And it takes less than 10 minutes.

I call it the Technique Mastery training plan. I created a complete video course detailing it (more on that later.)

Here’s what the overview looks like:

Rock-Solid Piano Technique

Look familiar? That’s ’cause it’s part of the”Become a Piano Superhuman” training plan as well if you didn’t notice.

It basically goes over 4 drills. Each drill is specifically designed to develop a certain aspect of your technique.

“The Finger Gauntlet” is probably my favorite. It develops finger strength and independence in each finger. It really helped me overcome the “4th and 5th finger” weakness (my 5th finger was notoriously weak… it was embarrassing.)

Then it goes through the exact training plan to follow down to the minute. Just like Donnie’s workout plan… but transformed for piano.


The full course is called the Technique Mastery Course. It’s one of my Premium courses, but I give away the “Finger Gauntlet” exercise and a couple others for free in the Become a Piano Superhuman Cousrse!

Click Here to sign up for the Become a Piano Superhuman course

And if you’re interested in getting the full Technique Mastery training plan, you can join below:

Technique Mastery Course Sign Up

-Zach “Piano Nerd” Evans

P.S. I was going to call the Technique Mastery traning “Piano90X,” or P90X for short, but I guess that’s already taken 😉

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