Piano Motivation – Motivate Yourself to Learn With These Articles

These are all the articles on the site relating to motivation and other odds and ends that don’t fit into the other categories. Enjoy!

The Optimum Practice Mindset That Gets Results

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Today I want to talk a little about the mindset you have when you’re practicing and how to take it to the next level. I really think this is the key to going from slow improvement to making rapid, consistent gains in your piano ability. And to develop this mindset I think we can learn a lot from a group of people who are obsessed with making gains: Athletes. What… continue reading

Do Kids REALLY Learn Piano Faster Than Adults?

Do Kids Really Learn Piano Faster Thumbnail

I hear this all the time. People say kids learn faster. They talk about how children’s brains are more “moldable” and that kids “absorb things faster” at a younger age. I think this is BS. I really do. And it makes me sad because I think it’s a perception that keeps a lot of adults from even trying piano. It just becomes an excuse of “well, I’d love to learn… continue reading

The ULTIMATE Guide to Playing Piano Expressively

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You know what’s truly amazing to me about music? You can feel an emotion, transfer that emotion to movement in your fingers, which transfers it to sound in the air. The sound moves through the air, hits someone’s eardrum, and is transferred to an emotion they feel. You can literally transfer an emotion you have to another person. That’s amazing to me. That’s why they say music is the language… continue reading