Solving “Weak Pinkie Syndrome” on Piano (Over Under Technique)

Over Under Technique

I feel dumb.

Why? It took me sooo long to notice this ridiculously obvious thing…

It’s right in front of your face, but you may not have noticed it.

And it leads to the “Over-Under Technique” – Probably the second most important technique to all your playing…


So I had trouble for a long time with my pinkie (as a lot of people do).

It always seemed so weak. Uncoordinated. And most of all…


Over Under Technique - Piano Problems

But the problem actually had nothing to do with my pinkie. It was in my wrist.


That was my reaction when my teacher explained it to me. And it was sooo obvious.

How to Use The Over Under Technique

Look at your hands for a second. Your middle finger is the longest. Followed by your 2nd and 4th finger. And your pinkie/thumb are the shortest.

I know this is obvious, but bear with me.

So when you have a neutral wrist (not bent right or left) it’s easy to keep your middle finger curved…

But your pinkie can hardly reach the keys!

It has to be pretty-much paper flat just to touch the keys. Not a strong position.

So how do we solve this? Simple. Rotate your wrist (not your whole arm, just your wrist) to the outside. Now look at your pinkie. It has a nice, strong curve to it.

And that’s part of what I call, the “Over Under Technique.”

But that’s only half of it.

The rest of it I’ll explain in the video…



This is how I overcame “weak pinkie syndrome.” Well, a combination of this technique and…

“The Finger Gauntlet!”

But you already know all about the Finger Gauntlet from Lesson in 8 in  The Free Piano Superhuman Course.

Well, I guess they’re both important. But anyway, definitely learn the Over Under Technique.



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