The 3 Essential Things Great Pianists Have

To become a great, well rounded pianist, there are three main facets you need to develop: the Physical, the Mental, and the Emotional. All three are equally important, and to max out your potential as a pianist you should work on all three. Everyone has one or two that they excel at naturally, and one or two they really need to work on.  Know what type of person you are.… continue reading

The ULTIMATE Guide to Playing Piano Expressively

The ultimate guide to playing piano expressively Thumbnail

You know what’s truly amazing to me about music? You can feel an emotion, transfer that emotion to movement in your fingers, which transfers it to sound in the air. The sound moves through the air, hits someone’s eardrum, and is transferred to an emotion they feel. You can literally transfer an emotion you have to another person. That’s amazing to me. That’s why they say music is the language… continue reading