The ULTIMATE Piano Keyboard Buyer’s Guide

I get a lot of people asking me two simple questions: 1. Can I learn piano on a electric keyboard? 2. What’s the best keyboard to get? Here’s the answers: 1. Yes, absolutely! BUT you have to make sure you get the RIGHT type of keyboard. More about that below… 2. That’s a little more in depth. It really depends on your budget and your goals. But I’ve created a… continue reading

The 3 Essential Things Great Pianists Have

To become a great, well rounded pianist, there are three main facets you need to develop: the Physical, the Mental, and the Emotional. All three are equally important, and to max out your potential as a pianist you should work on all three. Everyone has one or two that they excel at naturally, and one or two they really need to work on.  Know what type of person you are.… continue reading

Beginners Piano Technique Explained – The 5 Finger Drill

Beginners piano technique explained thumbnail

Technique is HUGE. I honestly think it is the most important thing to develop as a piano beginner. If you have good beginners piano technique, the rest (expressiveness, sight-reading, ext.) will follow. And it’ll lead to the more advanced techniques like playing crazy fast arpeggios ;). Before I go into detail about the 5 finger technique, I want to talk about a mental shift, a different way of thinking, that… continue reading

Piano Exercises for Beginners – The #1 Technique for Piano Beginners

What’s up everyone! Today I’m going to tell you about of of the most important piano exercises for beginners. It’s that one fundamental exercise everyone should know. When I started using this drill, it fundamentally changed the way I played. It was the first and most important piano technique I learned in college. Let me quickly tell you my story about The Miyagi Technique. My piano professor in college is truly… continue reading

The ULTIMATE Guide to Mastering Piano Technique – Part 2

The ultimate guide to mastering piano technique pt 2 thumbnail

Ok, so enough chit chat, time to get down to action. Like anything else in life, you don’t get better at it by reading about it, you get better by doing it. So here’s my step-by-step systematic action plan to get some rock-solid piano technique. It only takes about 5 to 10 minutes a day, and it’s the exact method I used to get fast scales, arpeggios, broken chords, and… continue reading

The ULTIMATE Guide to Playing Piano Expressively

The ultimate guide to playing piano expressively Thumbnail

You know what’s truly amazing to me about music? You can feel an emotion, transfer that emotion to movement in your fingers, which transfers it to sound in the air. The sound moves through the air, hits someone’s eardrum, and is transferred to an emotion they feel. You can literally transfer an emotion you have to another person. That’s amazing to me. That’s why they say music is the language… continue reading

The ULTIMATE Guide To Mastering Piano Technique

The ultimate guide to mastering piano technique pt 1 thumbnail

You want to develop awesome piano technique. Good. Trust me, getting that next level technique will skyrocket your playing ability. All of a sudden your fingers will feel like the keyboard is their home, and everything you play will be easier and smoother. Oh, and you’ll be able to play the cool flashy stuff to impress your friends 😉 And here’s the best thing. Piano technique has been researched heavily.… continue reading

How to Play Crazy Fast Crossover Piano Arpeggios

How to play crazy fast arpeggios on piano thumbnail

This is probably the flashiest piano move I know. Crazy fast piano arpeggios. It looks sweet and sounds cool, and it’s actually a lot easier than it seems. And honestly you could probably learn it in a month with just 5 to 10 minutes a day of practice. So in this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to learn this step by step in four parts: Notes/Fingerings Technique Practice… continue reading